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At NFL Stocks we make it easy for you to decide on the right bet. We take the guessing out of your gambling and give you factual records/percentages based on previous games with similar numbers. For $2.00 (limited time) you can receive professional gambling odds right at your fingertips.  Other website will charge hundreds for their algorithm results while we make it affordable for everyone, even the casual bet maker.  Everything you invest in requires knowledge and research; we do the research while you invest.

Stat Scraping

NFL Stat Scraping Gambling Betting

The first step to our success is scraping all of the essential numbers that lead up to a particular NFL game.  We have created a data scraping system that instantly grabs starting quarterback, offense, defense and special teams numbers; season averages and previous two games.



NFL Stocks Formula Gambling Betting

We are not biased to big names and we do not make up data that is not true.  We take the four major parts of the game (Quarterback, Offense, Defense, Special Teams) and compare them to their weekly opponent, broken down into a point system.  The result of the points creates an anchor or (Stock Number) that we can refer back to.  This allows us to reference previous game and show you the results of those games.  Predicting the final score of a game is undeniably hard to do, but our results are remarkable.


NFL Stocks Percentages Gambling Sports Bets


We give factual percentages based on previous games stock numbers.  We also give the actual records that define those percentages.  See “Collected Stats” link for explanation.  We will always show you the favorite and underdog average points per game associated with that stock number.  This will give you a better indication of how you will bet based on whether the spread or the over/under is close or not close to the game lines.